K4R POTA Russell Cave Activation

The K4R, Russell Cave Special Event Station activation is now behind us. We consider it to be a successful outing with 11 club members present, 1 visiting amateur operator and 4 guests and a good time was had by all present.

We began the day at a disadvantage with two members absent due to sickness and a tragic death in the family and rain delays as well. We knew this activation would be challenging due to the location of Russell Cave in the shadow of the mountain and weather conditions and while we were not able to operate on all bands planned we did achieve 15 contacts on 20 and 40 meters.

Our dedicated radio operators were Mark Pierson, KN4JXL and John Hilliard, K4JCH.

Members present were:
Richard Arnold, K4NHA.
Gloria Arnold, Richard’s Wife.
Ben Lowe, K4QF.
Byron Lauderdale, KN4QVD.
Danielle Fuller, KN4SDJ.
Jerry Rossanno, N4JR.
Jim Clifford, NK3V.
John Hillisrd, K4JCH.
Kendall Mashburn, KN4KYX
Kendall’s Wife, Brittney Mashburn.
Kendall’s Daughter, Piper Masburn.
Mark Pierson, KN4JXL.
Patrick Gifford, KN4BRG.
Tanya Sparkman, KA4TLH.
Visiting Amateur was Chris White, KK4TLK from Whitwell, TN and his Father-in-Law Jerry Godsby that lives in the cove at the cave.

Thanks to all that turned out for this event and to my setup and tear-down crew.

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Field Day 2018

ARRL Amateur Radio Field Day – June 23 & 24, 2018

Come join us at Jackson County Park beginning at noon on June 23, 2018 for Amateur Radio Field Day. Learn what Amateur Radio is, what we do, what agencies we work with, and all the enjoyment that comes from this great hobby!

Jackson County Park
June 23 & 24, 2018

Field Day Flyer

March ARES Meeting (March 23, 2017)

The agenda for our March ARES Meeting has changed due to new information from our state ARES Coordinator. Instead of the meeting being on Digital Modes we will now be discussing and planning for a state-wide exercise that will be held Saturday, April 15th, between 8:00-10:00am. We’ll discuss our group’s plans and how we can participate next Thursday night at the meeting. Digital Modes will be moved to the April meeting (April 27th).

Here’s the general info about the event:

April 15th   8:00 AM to 10:00AM

Spring 2017:  Rapid Response Saturday Drill

ARES ECs, DECs, Leadership,

A quick thumbnail of the spring exercise discussed at the most recent BirminghamFest.

Essentially the drill is a “Check In” event giving operators a chance to test their mobile and portable capabilities by operating remotely, or if they choose to simply check in with those remote operators to confirm coverage, signal strength, etc.  Each county EC is advised to set up a mobile Incident Command System (ICS) location and assign a Net Control Station (NCS).  The EC will dispatch other operators wishing to deploy may select locations that may have potential as a shelter location, remote ICS location, or other outdoor spot that can afford them the chance to test their equipment, skills and operating modes.

Many operators have “Go-kits” that include a complete portable station with emergency power supplies (batteries or generators, or both) radios, antennas, feed lines, etc. to operate away from home.  Operators are encouraged to use this drill to determine what they would put in their “Go-kits” for the next real world emergency.  There is no right answer to what should be included, every Go-Kit is a personal reflection of the operator(s) who put it together.

I suggested that ECs make the final determination for their locations.  We recommended an operating window of 8:00 to 10:00 AM.

VHF calling frequency 146.520 will be the primary frequency, and we encourage operators with HF equipment to also use the 3.965 and 7.243 frequencies to attempt contact with other stations outside their operating county.

I encourage you to work together, make it fun, and use this as a learning experience.  All feedback is welcomed and most of it will be read.

Brad, K4NHA