Get Licensed!

Becoming a HAM is an easy and fun process. All that is required to become a licensed Amateur Radio operator is to pass a 35 question test, then you’re on the air! Studying for this test can be done without spending a dime however there are great books and other resources you can purchase if you so desire. Below you will find links to all study materials needed to pass your exam, both the free route and links to purchase some of the amazing resources available.

Exam Study

Step 1: Download and print the 2014-2018 Technician Class Question Pool and Graphics file which contains every question that could be on your test. Three formats are available:

Step 2: Go to, click on Technician, and then Read Questions. Here you can go through each question and mark the correct answers on the Question Pool sheets you printed out. Not only are you now learning as you go but you will also have a portable study guide when you want to study without a computer. It is recommended to create an account at so you can track your progress as you learn and master the questions.

Step 3: Once you have marked all the correct answers on your sheets you are now ready to start taking Practice Tests at Take these tests as many times as necessary until you are scoring above 80% on the tests. The more tests you take the better and don’t worry if there are things you don’t understand right now as local HAMs will be happy to explain things and help you along as needed!


Step 4: Once you’re passing your Practice Tests with a score of 80% or higher you’re ready for your test. Come to a club or ARES meeting or fill out this form and we’ll be more than happy to get you a time and location to take your test!

On the Air!

Step 5: Get on the Air! Once your callsign shows up in the FCC Database you are officially a HAM and ready to get on the air. You can start using any of our local repeaters, check in to any of the Nets, and if you need assistance with picking your first radio just ask a HAM at one of our meetings.

Additional Resources

These are great resources available to help you get your Technician License. Many HAMs prefer to have a physical book that helps them study for the test in a different method than listed above. Both ways will achieve the same goal of getting your license so do whatever works best for you!

Gordon West’s (WB6NOA) Technician Class License Preparation

The ARRL Technician Class License Manual

The Fast Track to your Technician Class License